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4 maanden geleden

Hey Johan,
I am Paula, a fellow couchsurfer from Berlin. I am planning to travel to Brussels next week, February 17-20, and I was wondering if there was a CS Brussels chat group on WhatsApp? I asked in the CS Hamburg group and they kindly shared your CS profile with me, saying that, if anyone knows, it's probably you. I only use BeWelcome these days, therefore I couldn't contact you on CS but I hope it's alright for you that I do it here instead :)
It would be fun to meet with some locals and not just do the touristy stuff. Unfortunately not too many people from the Brussels CS community use BeWelcome, there aren't any registered meetups and I also haven't been able to find a host yet. So in case you know someone who likes to host on short notice, let me know!
Greetings from Germany,